Hosting Move

Hey everyone, please note that as of October, 2021 we switched our hosting to and you can find our feeds here:

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Episode S07E10 – Appropriation

With no ship and no home to call their own, the crew manage to leverage the buying power of their medical droid to get a derelict pile of scrap to try and use and get back into space. A lot of elbow grease is applied, and bits of the old familiar start to appear, but will the crew be able to get the decrepit ship airborne once more?

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Episode S07E09 – Appropriation

The crew land and get some much-needed elbow room as they debark their passengers and breathe the freshly recycled air of the orbital scrapyard. With some time to kill, the crew spread out, but an old enemy has returned to lay claim on them once more…


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Episode S07E08 – Downtime

After escaping with their quarry and the paydata in tow, the overloaded SOCIAL DETOX launches into hyperspace and towards an eventual payout for the crew, Meanwhile, the two week journey leaves a lot of time for the crew to bond or get on each other’s nerves –  both of which happen almost immediately..



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Episode S07E07 – Run and Gun

Having captured the weapons researcher DOCTOR ZELDRIN and discovered that the EMPIRE was holding him to research a new superweapon, the crew have to escape a base on alert, while destroying all the research stored on site. An army of STORMTROOPERS stands between them and escape, but first they have to collect their droids, as well as a very sleepy scientist.


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Episode S07E06 – In Too Deep

Deep underground, the crew traverses the caves where once the JEDI brought their padawans in search of crystals. However, now they only encounter ghostly images left behind – echoes in THE FORCE. The caves lead them to an Imperial complex where the target of their quest may lie, but between them and the data they seek, they have to overcome stormtroopers, scientists, a rumored superweapon, and an absurdly high thread count set of sheets.

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Episode S07E05 – Something in the Air

Having survived both their encounter with Quinth’s ex and the chemical attack of Tazi’s painting job for Zhaan, the crew take to the air to try and track down their elusive prey. With the help of a slightly unstable bounty hunter, they’ll need to sneak past the ever watchful eyes of the GALACTIC EMPIRE in order to track their target to it’s den…

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Episode S07E04 – The Bounty Hunter

The crew has spent several hours talking with Quinth’s ex and learning more about the situation with the EMPIRE’s presence on DANTOOINE. A meeting with a mysterious bounty hunter has given them some ideas, but will the zabrak’s fixation on cortosis cause more than just a pile of junk to be disabled?

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Episode S07E03 – Will You be Shot or Poisoned?

After retaining the services of the Mandalorian, Breanna Shen, the crew of the SOCIAL DETOX head to the planet of DANTOOINE in search of the second half of the list of missing Jedi. With a whole planet to search while it is being rebuilt by the new GALACTIC EMPIRE, they will need to find some allies if they don’t want to run afoul of the new law….


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Episode S07E02 – 12 Ball Brawl

Returning to the bazaar planet of RANDON (RAN-don) goes mostly unnoticed by the crew of the SOCIAL DETOX, but they touch down and head to the nearest bar to meet up with Quinth’s new contact. However, while watching Vexx in case he causes trouble, she doesn’t remember to keep an eye on Zhaan…

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