Episode S06E10 – Caught in the Crossfire (again)

Obstacle courses, trapped rooms, poison and a social gathering have all been tests of various kinds – tests the crew so far has managed to weather. MASTER TOVAR seems to know more about Zhaan than the crew does, so is she more than she seems? Also, there is one final test before them, will the crew be able to trust each other well enough to succeed?


Episode S06E09 – Trapped

After finding their way into the company of several different mercenary companies, the crew have battled through a deadly obstacle course and finally have some time to catch their breath. Or at least, so they think. When simple refreshments become deadly, can the team think their way out of this trap in time?

Episode S06E07 – Holodrama Stars

With their new aliases firmly settled, if not easily remembered, the crew has their first encounters with the other mercenaries who are vying for spots in the mercenary company. Dinnertime bullies, rainbow uniforms and an-almost-food-fight make for quite an interesting day, but Zhaan’s solo interview with the mysterious leader, TOVAR will give some answers, and lead to still more questions…


Episode S06E06 – Red, Pink, Copper and Blue

The crew has decided to hire their new acquaintances – Quinth and Zhaan – to ferry them to the Outer Rim planet of Zygerria on a covert mission for the Jedi Order. Posing as a group of mercenaries is a bit of a stretch for some of the crew’s acting abilities, but not nearly as much of a stretch as trying to be stealthy when one of your crew has infinite curiosity, boundless energy, and a somehow inexhaustible supply of candy…


Episode S06E05 – Disruption

The ship had arrived on Coruscant just in time to witness explosions tear through one wing of the JEDI TEMPLE. Moving quickly to the scene of the attack, the crew try and help out as chaos rocks the usually tranquil home of the JEDI. New bonds are formed, and Karrell is given a rather unusual task that will take the group way beyond their normal comfort zone.


Episode S06E04 – Anger

Three more weeks in hyperspace allow Quinth and Zhaan to learn more about the crew of the Krallet’s Fang, and also allows the crew to find out more about their passengers. Karrell gets a lesson in patient understanding in dealing with Zhaan, while Tazi and Quinth test each other’s capacity for alcohol. But at the end of the journey, what sort of dire events await them as they return to Coruscant?


Episode S06E03 – Bargaining

Bringing their passengers Quinth and Zhaan to their meeting in the outer rim gave the crew 3 weeks in hyperspace to deal with some of their issues. Or in Karrell’s case, not deal with them. Still, as they attend this shady meeting on a backwater planet, what sort of job is the crew involved in?


Episode S06E02 – Denial

Having some time off from Jedi-business, Tazi lands the ship an easy-money job ferrying a couple of beings to a planet in the outer rim. With extra supplies laid in, they hopefully won’t run out of food, but when a dinner party turns to oversharing, the crew will have plenty on their plates other than Noodles three times.


Episode S06E01 – The Long Goodbye

Having delivered both the MASK and the youngling back to the Jedi Temple, the crew go about their tasks, not knowing that Isla and Ny’ssynda have left the ship for the last time. Tazi, Karrell and the droids suddenly find themselves as a much smaller crew, and are left wondering what happened. A-1 has some answers, but that information will cause more damage than the uncertainty ever could…